We are so excited about our pilot episode as we touch on the topics of addiction let’s expose the wounds and take the band-aid off. ¬†We all know someone battling with some form of addiction 20 percent of our population battle with some form of addiction whether it be social media, food, shopping, sex, drugs or alcohol, etc. we talk about things that people don’t want to talk about we talked about self-esteem issues. Many of these topics are deeply rooted that run our lives if we allow them too. We are over comers by the word of our testimony. God wants to see YOU whole and complete.

Addiction affects the entire family we become as sick as the addicted loved one. Be cautious of these signs: co-dependency fear of change your children learn what they live if it’s in the bloodline train and teach your child to educate your children. Ask questions get involved know what is going on around you. You cannot fix or change the addicted loved one only God can and they have to make a choice to get well. If a rooted issue is causing the addiction in self-medicating they need inner healing and healing is a process. A man with excuses is a man not changed

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